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The about element is a child of the building element. You can only submit one instance of the about element. None of it's elements are required so you can just submit those you want to set or change.
NameDescriptionTypeLengthRequiredOptions / Range
assessment_dateDate the assessment was performeddateNoFormat is YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2015-12-25 for December 25, 2015. Dates earlier than 2010-01-01 are not permitted.
commentsFree text comment fieldstring256No
comment_api_onlyPass through field for use by api usersstring40No
shapeHouse shapestring20Norectangle, town_house
town_house_wallsWhich townhouse walls are exposed
(only used if shape is town_house)
string20Noback_front, back_right_front, back_front_left
year_builtYear building was builtyearNo1600 - current year
number_bedroomsNumber of bedrooms in houseintNo1 - 10
num_floor_above_gradeNumber of floors above gradeintNo1 - 4
floor_to_ceiling_heightFloor to ceiling height (feet)intNo6 - 12
conditioned_floor_areaTotal conditioned floor area (square feet)intNo250 - 25,000
orientationOrientation of the front doorstring20Nonorth, north_east, east, south_east, south, south_west, west, north_west
blower_door_testWas a blower door test performed on this house?intNo1=yes, 0=no
air_sealing_presentHas the building been air sealed?
(only used if blower_door_test is 0)
intNo1=yes, 0=no
envelope_leakageBuilding air leakage measured with a blower door (CFM50) (only used if blower_door_test is 1)intNo0 - 25,000