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The solar_electric element is a child of the systems element. You can only submit one instance of the solar_electric element.
NameDescriptionTypeLengthRequiredOptions / Range
capacity_knownIs the capacity known?intNo1=yes, 0=no
system_capacityDC capacity of system (kW)
(only used if capacity_known is 1)
floatNo0.05 - 100
num_panelsNumber of panels in the system
(only used if capacity_known is 0)
intNo1 - 100
yearYear system was installedintNo2000 - current year
array_azimuthDirection panels facestring20Nonorth, north_east, east, south_east, south, south_west, west, north_west
  • If the DC capacity of the system is known then set capacity_known to 1 and enter system_capacity. Otherwise, set capacity_known to 0 and enter num_panels.
  • The PV system will not be modeled if capacity_known is set to NIL (<capacity_known xsd:nil="true"/>).