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The zone_window element is a child of the zone_wall element. You can only submit one instance of the zone_window element for each zone_wall
NameDescriptionTypeLengthRequiredOptions / Range
window_areaArea of windows on this wall (square feet)intNo0 - 999
window_methodConstruction method to use for this windowstring20Nocode, custom
window_codeassembly code for this window
(only used if window_method is code)
window_u_valueU-value of this window (Btu/sf-hr-°F)
(only used if window_method is custom)
floatNo0.01 - 5
window_shgcSolar heat gain coefficient of this window
(only used if window_method is custom)
floatNo0 - 1
  • If zone/window_construction_same is set to 1 then the zone_window information (except for window_area) from the front zone_wall instance will be used for the windows on all four walls.