Creates a new assessment/building record for the home at the specified address. This method (or submit_hpxml_inputs) is the first step in generating an HES label.


Name Description Type Required Options
 session_token  Get from the get_session_token method string Yes  
user_key API key for access string Yes  
 address   string Yes  
string Yes  
 state  Two-letter state abbreviation  string Yes  
 zip_code  Five-digit postal code string Yes  
 assessment_type  Defines the type of assessment to be done on the home string Yes  initial, final, qa, alternative, test, corrected, mentor, preconstruction
 external_building_id  Allows an organization to assign an ID to the building for that organization's internal use. This field has no impact within the HES system, except that it can be filtered on in some of the retrieve_* methods. string No  


Element Description
building_id The ID of the building created
 result  "OK"
 message  "Building #<building_id> successfully created"


Method access is limited by the roles assigned the user to whom the session token was assigned

Role Access
AssessorAccess allowed
Partner Access not allowed
 Admin  Access not allowed