Scoring Tool Workarounds

By virtue of its highly prescribed inputs and extensive fixed default values required for a true asset rating, many actual home characteristics cannot be entered. In some cases this affects even components that could be thought of as "Assets":

  • Address will not verify
    • Occasionally, users will receive an error message that the address they've entered does not exist. Our system uses the ZIP code to decide on critical location values such as weather and appliance details. It can resolve certain minor typographical issues, but not larger errors such as an incorrect ZIP code. Test that your ZIP code is correct using the USPS ZIP Code Lookup.
  • Metal Roofs
    • There is not currently a Roof Exterior Finish option for metal. Instead, select Composition Shingles. For Roof Absorptance, use the manufacturer's value if you have it. If not, choose the appropriate value based on the roof paint color using the table in the Roof Absorptance Help.
  • Log Walls
    • There is not currently a Wall Construction option for log walls. Instead, use the following inputs:
    • Construction: Wood Frame
    • Exterior Finish: Wood Siding
    • Insulation Level: R-Value of 1 per inch of thickness, rounded up. For example, for a 12 inch thick wall select R-13 (5-6 inches).